Awake to the sounds of Africa
About Us

Based in the peaceful town of Wakkerstroom (jewel of Mpumalanga), with mountains, deep gorges, streams and waterfalls, where you are awakened by the sweet sounds of birds chirping, the cackling of hens, mooing of cows and the peaceful swishing of reeds in the wetland. 

The earliest forms of life dates back to the last Stone Age which was then practiced by the San people.  They did not do any agriculture but mainly were nomadic hunters.  Wakkerstroom is a small laid back town.  The first fenced game reserve in the old South African Republic was to be found in Wakkerstroom district sometime in the 1880's.  Tourism has been on a rise recently in Wakkerstroom, due to the particular interest of bird watches from around the world coming to view some of the worlds endangered bird species still found in the wild.  Approximately 400 species of birds can be found in the wetlands and surrounding areas.  The most common endangered species still found are the Blue Crane (national bird), Rudd's Lark, Botha's Lark, Yellow breasted Pipit and White-winged Flufftail  

The wetland stretches approximately 10km's long and is one of the few left in South Africa.  The town is a haven for retired individuals who enjoy the peaceful surroundings and quite atmosphere. 

We are nature lovers and have established this busines as a long time life hobby to show tourist the spectacular places and great wildlife that South Africa has to offer.  Our aim is to want you to enjoy your stay in South Africa and to take back with you great memories of our beautiful Land.

We strive in providing you with great hospitality, accommodation, travel and cost effective yet relaxing tours

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